Please read the purchase agreement below :

1. We provide 100% money back guarantee if it happens, The  Items you receive are not genuine, damaged, misplaced, incorrectly colored, Size, or lost in the shipping process.

2.We will do the delivery process within 2 x 24 hours after you make payment via paypal or bank transfer, Bitcoin.

3.Estimated shipping will take 25-28 working days. Not later than the time we set. If you do not receive the package in this time please discuss to us first. We provide 100% money back guarantee.

4. Discount 20% + Free Accessories only applies per purchase above USD 300.

5. Purchase can not be canceled unilaterally without any notice to us.

This agreement is a form of service that we provide to you to get comfort when shopping with us. so you do not have to worry and hesitate because we give full warranty if you feel less satisfied. We really hope you have understood with the above requirements. If any other information you want to convey please email us back.